Sandra Gonzalez
Director and Founder; UX for Change


Sandra Gonzalez is the Director and Founder of UX for Change a London based organisation that for the last three years has connected non-profit organisations with the UX community.

Her previous design work spans from heavily trafficked ecommerce platforms to technology for aiding refugees. Her current focus at UX for Change is how to scale collaboration globally, while inspiring design excellence.

Sandra enjoys teaching her children how to design and program, mentoring designers within the London design community and performing Latin American music in pubs and at music festivals.


Talk Details

Connecting the UX Community with Super Heroes 

For the last three years I have been connecting the London UX Community to incredible non-profit challenges with the ultimate mission to share the goodness of UX to change our world, a venture I called UX for Change.

During this talk I will share how through collaborations, creativity and a bit of luck, UX for Change has inspired thousands of UX Designers to volunteer their time to make a difference as well as build their own skills and portfolios.