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RedRock Consulting

RedRock helps organisations transformation their business, their products and services and their user experiences. We help them embrace new ways of working using digital, mobile and emerging technologies. We build client capabilities fast - and in the future through continuous improvement.

Clever software? No.

We do all this through people.

We put skills, experiences and amazing track records of innovation and delivery before processes, hierarchies and coding.

Why? Because we know that any organisation’s success is built its people: the people who design and develop effective and exciting customer journeys.

We approach this in two ways. We build dynamic, multi-disciplinary, powerful transformation teams capable of optimising any project delivery through fully managed services; and we help clients build the capability of their own teams with highly skilled interim or permanent specialist staff. Whichever route our clients take, our extensive network of over 4,000 accomplished professionals enable businesses to achieve what they need, where and when they need it, at lower cost.

Extremely proud of being part of the South West’s disruptive digital community since inception, we work nationwide across the IT, telecoms, financial, retail and public sectors.

And we can’t wait to tell you more.

Collaborate? Bring it on.